We Take Care of You in THREE Ways! When it comes to hair care, most products on the market only focus on one thing -- your hair! TEENOLOGY is different. Our hair and body care products not only care for your HAIR, but also keep your SKIN clear and stimulate your SENSES for a full circle approach to self care. For Your SKIN: Kick acne to the curb one wash at a time! TEENOLOGY helps avoid acne breakouts caused by other products. We only use the cleanest ingredients, like natural botanical extracts and beneficial antioxidants. No acne causing sulfates, parabens, or pore-clogging oils here! For Your HAIR: With ingredients like vitamin B5, aloe vera, and comfrey, our carefully crafted formulas feed your hair with an abundance of vitamins and minerals to expertly nourish and hydrate your hair for strong, healthy locks. For Your SENSES: With unique scents, like Vanilla Almond and Blueberry-Pomegranate-Cucumber, TEENOLOGY hair and body care products invigorate your senses and leave you smelling fresh and fantastic after every wash!

TEENOLOGY Featured on The Doctors TV Show

The Doctors declare that TEENOLOGY is a "HOPE" for not clogging pores and not causing pomade acne. Watch now.


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Vanilla Almond

This vanilla is anything but plain!

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Blueberry-Pomegranate Cucumber

You're as cool as a Blueberry Pomegranate Cucumber!

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Café Mocha

Wake up and smell the coffee!

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Chocolate Mint

Because it’s ok to have dessert first!

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Lemonade Styling Cream &
Pink Grapefruit Detangler Lotion

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