Here's why you should use a sulfate free shampoo

OK, so what are sulfates anyway? I’m going to be completely honest and admit that before we created TEENOLOGY hair and body care, I knew that sulfates are chemicals that are bad for your hair, specifically color treated hair. I would look for sulfate free shampoos and conditioners simply because I heard that sulfates could strip the color from my hair that I just paid big bucks for at my salon. But wow, was I in for a surprise once my research began. Yes, it’s true that sulfates can make our beautifully colored hair fade faster than sulfate free hair products, but why? Sulfates are cleaning agents, they’re even found in floor cleaners (EEW!), that attract oil and water and wash away dirt and dead skin. This can be bad for us because they are stripping our skin, scalp, and hair of the natural oils we need for it to look healthy and can make the hair dry and brittle. Some say that sulfates even make their skin and scalp red, irritated, and itchy as well. Next logical question...So why are sulfates in shampoos and conditioners if they seem to do more harm than good?  Sulfates clean and create the lathery sudsy effect as we massage our fingers into our scalp. Psychologically we think, “Oh the more this lathers, the cleaner my hair is getting.” Well, truth be told, your hair can still get clean without sulfates. Get ready because I haven’t even told you why sulfates are actually not only unnecessary, but worse...drum roll please . . . SULFATES CAN MAKE US BREAK OUT! Although we may think we are squeaky clean after we wash away our shampoos and conditioners from our hair, sulfates actually leave a film on our skin that attracts bacteria and clogs our pores. So the next time you see acne around your hairline, forehead (AKA pomade acne), back, or chest, your hair products may be the culprit!