Avoid breakouts with a consistent hair and skin care routine

Consistency matters with your hair products if you’re trying to avoid breakouts, specifically acne along the forehead, back, and shoulders from ingredients in common hair products, such as sulfates, parabens, and certain oils. This type of acne is called pomade acne, as in “pomade” the hair styling product, because ingredients in hair care products can cause skin pores to clog and create acne, particularly on skin that comes in contact with your hair. Yes, TEENOLOGY hair products are awesome whether you suffer from breakouts or not because of their premium ingredients and amazing scents, but for those of us who do need to be mindful of what our pores absorb, it’s so important to use the whole TEENOLOGY system from start to finish. Think about it, you use TEENOLOGY shampoo, but then a different conditioner, styling cream, or detangler that may be full of the “naughty” ingredients that cause breakouts, and then question, “Why am I still breaking out?” Remember whatever we put in our hair is absorbed into our skin. We want to be certain that every step in our hair care routine is free from ingredients that can clog our pores and cause acne. So remember, it’s not just what you use at the beginning and middle of your hair and skin care routine, but what you finish with as well.  Here’s to healthy hair and skin!