4 Reasons Teens Shouldn’t Use Their Parent’s Shampoo & Conditioner

mom helping her teen pick out the right shampoo and conditioner

When I was a teenager, I always used my mom’s hair care products. I felt so cool using her delectable-smelling shampoo and conditioner that boasted their ability to repair strands, keep hair color safe, hydrate and nourish. 

It never once crossed my mind that the shampoo and conditioner she was using could be formulated differently than the shampoo and conditioner I was supposed to be using as a teen and young adult. 

However, now that I think about it… it doesn’t make sense for an adult to use baby shampoo, right? Babies have very different skin and hair care needs than adults, and the same could be said for teens. 

To help you get a better idea of why teens shouldn’t use their parent’s shampoo and conditioner, take a look at these four reasons your teen should have their own hair care products. 

4 Reasons Teens Shouldn’t Use Their Parent’s Shampoo & Conditioner 

1. Teen Acne

teen girl touching her acne

Without a doubt, teen acne is different from adult acne. While adult acne is often due to cell turnover and clogged pores, teen acne tends to be caused by active oil glands and excessive oil production. 

Not to mention, teen acne usually pops up all over the face, back, chest and shoulders. This type of acne is often called “pomade” acne, as it’s commonly known to be caused by pomade and other hair care products. 

Unfortunately, many adult shampoos and conditioners trigger this type of acne. Common ingredients in adult shampoo include nasty sulfates, parabens, and pore-clogging oils instigate breakouts and further aggravate teen acne. 

2. Sports

young boy holding a basketball

Many teens these days participate in sports, whether it’s football, soccer, wrestling, gymnastics, swimming, and so much more. Active teens not only sweat up a storm when playing sports, they also shower a lot more often than adults. 

Which is why teens need the right shampoo and conditioner specifically created for their active lifestyle! Rather than just cleaning their hair, the right shampoo and conditioner can help wash away the grimy sweat that clogs pores and causes breakouts

3. Hormonal Changes

young girl going through puberty

There’s no question about it -- teens go through some dramatic hormonal changes that can seriously impact the health of their skin! 

More specifically, when a teen begins the transition period (otherwise known as puberty), their body ramps up androgen production, which is a hormone that creates sebum. 

This sebum is the skin’s natural oil, and while a little is necessary for optimal skin health, during a teen’s puberty phase, there’s often way too much of it! This clogs pores and irritates the skin, causing embarrassing and sometimes even painful teen acne. 

Want to hear something even worse? Many popular shampoo brands lining the shelves contain a nasty ingredient called parabens, which have been known to disrupt hormone balance. This hormonal disruption can set off a number of unwanted side effects, such as hormonal acne! 

The right shampoo and conditioner specifically created for teens shouldn’t contain icky parabens that throw hormones out of balance. 

It should contain teen-safe ingredients that clean the hair, gently wash away that extra sebum production for clear skin, and help the body by not affecting its hormone production. 

4. Extra Stress

group of teens holding books with backpacks at their feet

School, sports, puberty, friendships, social pressures… teens experience so much in their daily life that adds on extra layers of stress. 

This stress often throws their entire body out of whack, creating too much cortisol and androgen -- two hormones that are secreted by the endocrine system in response to stress. 

Cortisol and androgen up the production of sebum, which not only clogs pores but can also trigger an inflammatory reaction. The combination of this, added with the already acne-prone skin most teens have, can result in angry acne breakouts of whiteheads, blackheads, and deep cystic acne! 

At TEENOLOGY, we create teen-specific hair and body care products to combat all of these extra factors teens have to deal with -- even the stress! Our shampoo and conditioners are free of irritating sulfates, hormone-disrupting parabens, and pore-clogging oils to ease acne breakouts and help teens achieve clearer skin. 

Even better, we use invigorating and stress-relieving botanical extracts and essential oils -- like peppermint, blueberry, vanilla, and cucumber -- to turn shower time into relaxation time. The captivating aromas will no doubt help any teen take a moment to just chill out and scrub up! 

If you’re a teen, or have a teen at home, why not give TEENOLOGY a try? Our hair and body care products are specifically created for teens to help them achieve clean hair, clear skin, and a clear mind.