Four Game-Changing Shampoo Ingredients That Acne Hates

stop acne with our 4 acne-preventing shampoo ingredients
Have you ever thought about how your shampoo and conditioner are affecting your skin? When it comes to acne, your hair care products can either help reduce or enhance your breakouts. How? With the specific ingredients they use. 

For instance, most shampoos and conditioners lining the shelves today contain icky sulfates and parabens, which aren’t doing your skin any favors. 

You see, sulfates -- like sodium lauryl sulfate, which gives shampoo that commercial-worthy lather -- can be a major cause for irritation and inflammation. Especially for those with sensitive skin! 

On the other hand, parabens might be even worse for those with frequent breakouts and acne-prone skin.

Often used as a cheap preservative, parabens have the ability to mimic estrogen, sending your own hormones out of whack to create an imbalance. This hormone balance interruption can set off troublesome acne breakouts! 

This is why it’s important to choose your shampoo (and conditioner) carefully. For instance, we formulate our hair care products with carefully selected ingredients that help fend off acne, rather than heighten and enlarge it. 

Take a look at four game-changing shampoo ingredients we use in our unique formulas -- and discover why acne hates them! 

4 Game-Changing Shampoo Ingredients That Acne Hates 

Zinc Pyrithione 

zinc pyrithione is an ingredient that helps you avoid acne in shampoo and conditioner

This powerful ingredient is recommended by experienced dermatologists, as it is known for fighting acne-causing bacteria and fungus. Zinc pyrithione has antimicrobial and antifungal attributes, which means it has the ability to stop acne at its root cause -- the multiplication of bacteria and fungi. 

In addition, zinc pyrithione can also calm inflammation, reduce irritation, and soothe redness to further ward off future acne breakouts. 

Comfrey Extract


Comfrey extract can be thought of as one of nature's most underrated acne-healing powerhouses! It contains beneficial compounds including allantoin, rosmarinic acid, and tannins. 

When combined, these compounds activate and enhance cellular regeneration, including skin growth, which helps cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells, and reduce the look of acne scars. 

Hibiscus Flower Extract 

hibiscus flower

A key ingredient in all of our shampoos and conditioners, hibiscus flower extract is exceptional at gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin to unblock pores, as well as giving it a hefty dose of hydration to reduce redness. 

However, the benefits of this ingredient go far beyond its simple ability to cleanse and hydrate… it’s packed with alpha-hydroxy acids and antioxidants that promote cell regeneration and improve the skin’s complexion for a beautifully clear appearance! 

Aloe Vera 

aloe vera

A favorite ingredient among many skincare brands, aloe vera has been touted for its numerous skin and acne benefits for centuries! 

Found in a plethora of products, including TEENOLOGY shampoo and conditioner, aloe vera can help you avoid acne breakouts with a few key attributes:

  • It’s an antibacterial substance, which kills acne-causing bacteria. 
  • It calms redness with anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Aloe is well-known as a natural astringent, which soothes any itchiness caused by acne. 
  • It contains a chemical called “anthraquinone,” which improves acne-scarred skin by diminishing the look of scars and aiding skin cell regeneration. 

If you’re ready to take advantage of these awesome ingredients that help keep acne at bay and ward off future breakouts, swap out your regular shampoo and conditioner for TEENOLOGY.

Our breakthrough formulas contain each of these acne-busting ingredients to benefit the skin, rather than harm it! 

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