Why Should You Avoid Shampoo with Certain Oils?

Why Should You Avoid Shampoos with Certain Oils?

Did you know there are oils in many shampoos that cause acne? 

When the oil on your skin is in balance, it protects your skin from a plethora of things, such as external environmental elements (like pollution) and irritating dryness. However, too much oil and not only does one start to look like a shiny disco ball, but an overabundance can clog pores and instigate acne breakouts. 

So what typically causes an overproduction of oil in the first place? 

It could be a number of things. Like overwashing with a cleanser, a humid environment, a diet filled with sugar and fatty foods, medication, or even genetics. 

But one little-known culprit could be your shampoo. 

You see, many shampoos these days include cheap, highly-comedogenic oils that build up on the skin, stimulate an overproduction of sebum (aka your skin’s natural oil), and clog pores to create everything from whiteheads and blackheads to pimples and pomade acne. 

These are ingredients like palm oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, petroleum, olive oil, argan oil, and many more. These rank high on the comedogenic scale, which means they’re more likely to block pores and cause acne! 

So, with that said, should you avoid certain oils in shampoos? 

To help you figure this out, I want to uncover the 3 signs that indicate you should switch to a shampoo free of acne-causing oils to achieve clean and clear skin

3 Signs You Should Switch to a Shampoo Free of Certain Oils for Clearer Skin 

1. You Get “Pomade” Acne

Dubbed “pomade” acne because it’s often caused by ingredients in pomade or other hair styling products, this type of irritating acne typically shows up as whiteheads and blackheads or just little bumps along the forehead, scalp, neck, chest, shoulders, and back. 

More often than not, pomade acne tends to develop from clogged pores caused by hair and body care products packed with not only harmful oils, but also sulfates and parabens

2. You Tend to Have Oil-Prone Skin

Riddle me this… if you have skin that’s more on the oily side, why would you use shampoo (or conditioner) packed with heavy, highly-comedogenic oils? That’s just asking for excess buildup and clogged pores! 

While some lightweight oils can be beneficial for those with dry skin, as they might need a bit more moisture, all of the cheap, pore-clogging oils you’ll find in mainstream shampoos and conditioners aren’t doing your oily or combination skin any favors. 

3. You Have Sensitive Skin

Do you find that your skin breaks out with pimples and acne more easily than other people? You probably have sensitive skin! I know I do. 

Heck, I swear I find new zits popping up on my face just hours after slathering my skin with heavy moisturizer or using dense makeup packed with pore-clogging ingredients! 

Personally, this is why I chose to swap out my regular shampoo and conditioner for an option without pore-clogging oils. My skin needed to breathe after being weighed down from all the suffocating oils in the hair care products I was using! 

After just a few weeks, I already noticed a difference in my skin! Now that’s what I call a win. 

If you’re ready to say goodby to acne-promoting oils in your shampoo (and conditioner), why not give TEENOLOGY hair and body care a try? 

Here’s to healthy hair and skin!