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Quality product - good price

My pre-teen daughter loves the smell and feel of this Blueberry/Pomegranate conditioner! Very satisfied with the quality and order delivered very quickly. Great product for the price.

Amazing product!

My daughter loves this product! The smell is great and it's really gentle on her skin!

Life changing

We tried all the over the counter and prescription creams, washes, pills and only saw mostly dry, red and inflamed results. He has been using the face wash, lotion and body wash from TEENOLOGY for a little over a month now and it is INCREDIBLE. His face is clear and comforted. No longer red, dry and angry. It has even helped heal the subtle scarring he was starting to show. BEST PURCHASE EVER! Thank you TEENOLOGY for helping my son.

Great for your hair

My son just started using the conditioner, I can tell his hair is hydrated and soft . He can easily manage his curly hair.

Must have for teens

My son never used any lotion on his face. After trying this product, he is skin is hydrated ands looks great.

This cleanser is a must

If you have teens, you need this cleanser. Clears up the acne and helps keep it away.

Great for the skin

We added to my son's body care with this body wash. His body acne is gone. His skin looks healthier.


This is the first product we bought. It worked wonderfully. Within a weeks time my 13 yr olds acne was cleared up.

Good product

I shopped through their internet site and was satisfied. I just found that delivery is faster from Amazon.

Vanilla Almond Shampoo
Laura Dorrell

My teen has been using this a little over 2 weeks and what a difference ! I never knew shampoo could cause these issues.

Vanilla Almond Shampoo
Kristen Sleicher
Works & smells great!

My daughters face started to clear up after about 2 weeks! It smells wonderful and her hair looks cleaner than it ever has before (she tends to have oily hair). Worth every penny!

I have pily hair and skin, this has helped tremendously for both!

Tropical Orange Body Wash
Holly Lane-Adreon

Tropical Orange Body Wash

Definitely helps with acne breakouts

Sweet Mint Shampoo
Julie Figlar

Helps control forehead break outs skin looks clear and better to manage when using

Very good

My two daughters and I been using it, it won't help to clear your acne when your hormones on but it's still good afterwards. Pretty good make-up remove.

Vanilla Almond Shampoo
Allissa Curtis
So amazing

Best shampoo and conditioner ever! My daughter has her breakouts under control, it smells amazing, and leaves her hair soft. I bought some for myself I loved it so much.

Best shampoo and conditioner EVER

Both my teenage daughter and I love this shampoo and conditioner. It has helped with her breakouts and leaves our hair so silky!!

So far so good

We’re 26 days in and my teenager likes the products so far. We were worried about the different scents but he’s good with them. We’d like to give it more time to assess whether it helps with his acne. So far so good!

Shampoo + Conditioner Combo | Save 10%

It works!

Great for Athletes! Noticed a difference right away.

Sweet Mint Conditioner
Sweet mint condioner

Love this product, really help decrease my sons forehead acne

Life Changing

It is CRAZY how much your products help to reduce forehead and cheek acne! Especially for someone like me, with bangs. I’m 31 so I wasn’t sure what a shampoo and conditioner aimed at teens would be right for me, but with the worst forehead acne of my life, I had to try it. I can confidently say that it was one of the best choices I’ve made. My hair is soft, silky, clean, and smoothie. My forehead is getting SO much better. I am a believer!!

Lightweight Moisturizer For Oily Skin

I am not a teen, but I have fought acne and oily skin my whole adult life. This is a nice lightweight moisturizer that helps control both. I like that it doesn’t have silicones that can clog pores. I do use something heavier around my eyes and sometimes at night, but this works for me under makeup if you let it completely soak in. Fast shipping.

Works well, smells great.

I will buy again. My teens is happy with it. Nothing works like magic, it takes a bunch or changes to eating, sleeping, hygiene, etc but this has been a good addition to the line up.