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My Favorite Moisturizer

Great products

Both of my daughters use the Shampoo + Conditioner Combo Vanilla Almond, and they noticed that their hair is less itchy and acne like bumps on hairline disappeared.
Also, one of my daughter's chest acne is gone. Hair feels and smells really good and fresh. I would highly recommend it!

Love that Clear Start Kit

My daughter loves the shampoo, conditioner, body wash! Not only does it smell great, it has significantly reduced her forehead acne.

Great products!

I'm 18 years old and had terrible acne for several months before I finally realized I had to change something about my skincare routine. My mom ordered these products for me, and after using them for several weeks and having a facial, my acne decreased enormously! I have had significantly less acne ever since. The face wash is smooth and gentle and you don't need to use much, and the moisturizer is hydrating without leaving your skin feeling oily or wet.

It works!

I wasn't sure it this was going to be worth the cost, but after trying everything on my daughter's skin - we decided to give teenology a try. After a week, her hairline/forehead acne has all about disappeared. It honestly felt like a miracle. THANK YOU!

Great Product!

My daughter just started using the shampoo and conditioner and has noticed a difference.

Vanilla Almond Shampoo
Danielle White
Great product

I ordered this shampoo for my daughter. Her acne cleared up almost instantly!

New happy customer

We wish we’d known sooner about teenology! It’s helping curb my son’s acne so much. Thank you!

Great product

In two weeks of use, my daughter’s forehead cleared out. It also smells so good. We will continue to use and recommend.

Game changer

My son has suffered with acne for years. In the last year it has gotten significantly worse. He hated / stopped using cleansers because they were either too perfumey, too harsh, or too heavy. On a whim we tried the Papaya Face Cleanser because of the ingredients. Game changer. He says his skin feels great & we can definitely see a reduction in the acne. He still has a lot of scarring, so if you ever develop a product for that, we’ll be the first to try it! Thank you so much!!! We have some hope now that we might get past this.

Kids love it!

Kids say it doesn’t make their hair greasy and helps with acne!

Great shampoo

This was my 1st time purchasing this shampoo. My 15 year old son loves it. It smell wonderful. As all teenology products have great ingredients. He uses the body wash for a few years and also the face lotion. He started using these products and has little or no acne. Also, he always smells good. Love teenology!!

Quality product - good price

My pre-teen daughter loves the smell and feel of this Blueberry/Pomegranate conditioner! Very satisfied with the quality and order delivered very quickly. Great product for the price.

Papaya Gentle Face Cleanser
Patience Barkhurst
Amazing product!

My daughter loves this product! The smell is great and it's really gentle on her skin!

Life changing

We tried all the over the counter and prescription creams, washes, pills and only saw mostly dry, red and inflamed results. He has been using the face wash, lotion and body wash from TEENOLOGY for a little over a month now and it is INCREDIBLE. His face is clear and comforted. No longer red, dry and angry. It has even helped heal the subtle scarring he was starting to show. BEST PURCHASE EVER! Thank you TEENOLOGY for helping my son.

Great for your hair

My son just started using the conditioner, I can tell his hair is hydrated and soft . He can easily manage his curly hair.

Must have for teens

My son never used any lotion on his face. After trying this product, he is skin is hydrated ands looks great.

This cleanser is a must

If you have teens, you need this cleanser. Clears up the acne and helps keep it away.

Great for the skin

We added to my son's body care with this body wash. His body acne is gone. His skin looks healthier.


This is the first product we bought. It worked wonderfully. Within a weeks time my 13 yr olds acne was cleared up.

Good product

I shopped through their internet site and was satisfied. I just found that delivery is faster from Amazon.

Vanilla Almond Shampoo
Laura Dorrell

My teen has been using this a little over 2 weeks and what a difference ! I never knew shampoo could cause these issues.

Vanilla Almond Shampoo
Kristen Sleicher
Works & smells great!

My daughters face started to clear up after about 2 weeks! It smells wonderful and her hair looks cleaner than it ever has before (she tends to have oily hair). Worth every penny!

I have pily hair and skin, this has helped tremendously for both!