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Twin girls love it

Really helps!

My son was on Accutane for a year, with only minor improvement. Once he switched to Teenology shampoo and body wash, his skin cleared up rapidly. Could be coincidence, but we're pretty convinced and not taking any chances. Also, customer service, should you ever need it, is fantastic.

Making improvements!

It’s making improvements on my kids back and chest, I will be reordering.

Clear Face- happier teen!

I have a 13 year old who is very active with sports. She was having break- outs and I attributed it to sweating. We tried many different facial wash and acne products and nothing helped dramatically. She would shower in the morning and right after practice. I came upon this shampoo, conditioner and body wash in a FB ad and thought it's worth a try. She has been using it now for about 6 months and her skin is clear. It is a game changer and she is much more comfortable and confident. I realize she was actually contributing to her break-outs with the products she used in the shower!

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are so happy to hear about your daughter's results with TEENOLOGY. Here's to healthy hair and clear skin!

Keep coming back for more!

We gifted our daughter a variety of Teenology products for her 11th birthday. She is now almost 13 and continues to ask for more if we run out or try something different. The vanilla shampoo and conditioner are her favorites, and definitely make a difference in helping keep her skin clear!

They work!

My teenage son originally was the first to use the products. I tried them after and ordered my own products. They really work! If you breakout on your scalp or back like I do, these really work!

Still waiting for the product.


My acne covered teen was apprehensive about trying this because the last few products I bought him from various stores hadn’t helped at all. But to my surprise, he walked up to me a few days ago and told me his face, especially his forehead is actually clearing up!! It was a big difference!! We are very pleased and will continue to purchase this stuff! It is the only thing that has helped his acne!

My 3 boys love the Vanilla Almond Shampoo

My 3 boys love the Vanilla Almond Shampoo. My oldest son has shoulder-length hair and has seen his forehead clear up by using your hair care products. The shampoo also makes his hair feel soft and silky and helps control the oils in his scalp.

Teenage daughter approved

My daughter loves how her skin has cleared up

Almond and clean mint shampoo

Facial acne much improved.Like it a lot.

Smells great!

My 15 year old son loves this set. Especially the tropical orange body wash! The mint shampoo/conditioner smell is subtle, perfect for a boy who wants to smell nice without anything overpowering.

Shampoos and condioner combo

Really helps with keeping my sons forehead clear

So far so good

Smells good. My daughters hair is less tangled after showering and so far appears less greasy.

My 12 year old grandson

I got this as a gift for my teenage grandson.My grandson has a very sensitive skin and your line of product suits him very well.
He is overwhelmed with his gift. He loves the body wash, his skin is so soft and smells good. His hair is softer and shinier than ever by using your shampoo, shiny as it never was before . The acne has gone down a lot , clearing out and face skin is soft. No bad reaction to all the products he has used. I will certainly repeat the order when he needs it.

A big difference!

It helped reduce the pimples, pain, ans redness. Must use as recommended on direction. But there was a big change on my daughter's forehead. Left photo is now and right was a week ago. Her back is also so much better using the shampoo and conditioner too.

Vanilla Almond Shampoo
Carolyn Lawson
This stuff works!

I was amazed that my son’s acne improved after just one use! He was breaking out constantly on his forehead and I finally made the connection it could be hair products, which led me here. Thank you, Teenology! Bonus: Vanilla almond smells divine!

Better Than That Other Orange Body Wash

Don't be fooled by the orange color -- this stuff is liquid gold! It's way better than that other orange body wash you find at the drug store. Teenology products, especially their body wash, are the only thing thing that keep my body acne at bay. I love that the scent is a tropical mango/apricot/orange and not just straight up orange.

Love This Stuff

The blueberry pomegranate cucumber conditioner is one of my favorite products. It keeps my hair clean but silky at the same time. I have tried using other products after running out of Teenology conditioner (it's always the first bottle that I finish up), but they always cause my acne to come back. I try to keep a backup at all times!

This Shampoo Lasts Forever

I love how clean this makes my hair feel and smell. I use it daily and it still lasts forever! It has definitely helped keep my back and chest clear of any acne.

So glad I found this!!!

I have been looking for and buying tons of different things trying to work for my teens. Their skin was horrible and hair was greasy and looked like they haven’t showered in days right after a shower. Now my sons hair is actually fluffy and looks clean at the end of the day!!!! BONUS- It smells wonderful!!!

Love it!

Great product! Well worth the money. Love the way it makes my hair and skin feel.

Sweet Mint Conditioner
Heather Jamison
Shampoo review

Too early to tell.