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So glad I found this!!!

I have been looking for and buying tons of different things trying to work for my teens. Their skin was horrible and hair was greasy and looked like they haven’t showered in days right after a shower. Now my sons hair is actually fluffy and looks clean at the end of the day!!!! BONUS- It smells wonderful!!!

Love it!

Great product! Well worth the money. Love the way it makes my hair and skin feel.

Sweet Mint Conditioner
Heather Jamison
Shampoo review

Too early to tell.

So far....

We bought a bundle, so cost was lowered. We also chose the vanilla scent for the shampoo/conditioner and altho body wash was not vanilla, it was a very pleasent scent, as well. We've only had the products a few days and so far the oily hair has changed to light & silky. That was the main reason we were trying to find a product to address the oily hair & breakouts around forehead. We will continue to use it & if it continues to work well, we will try the bundle that includes the face cleansing products. By "we" I'm speaking of my 11 year old granddaughter that is approving the product & me that is not only approving of the results, but also paying for it. lol
Thank you, Teenology especially, for my grandchild. Well worth her happiness at the results so far.

Sweet Mint Shampoo
Eric Saunders
Awesome feeling!

I love the way it feels on my scalp!


The shampoo and body wash has done a wonderful job on my teens face.

Works great

Doesn’t take more then 2-3 sprays for my daughters long curly hair!
Definitely worth the money !!


It is too early to tell if it will help with my acne breakouts. However, it has not caused any new breakouts or any type of negative reaction. Hair feels clean and soft.


Light fragrance. Smells clean and feels clean

Sweet Mint Shampoo
Megan Clark
Great product!

This product is great! My son was having acne along his hairline, back of neck and in his scalp. Since using Teenology his breakouts have cleared. I hope this product becomes available in retail stores!

Effective but pricey

It’s a good product but I was surprised at how small the bottles were given the price.

So far so good

I got it for my pre teen daughter who gets a ton of hairline pimples and upper back pimples. She has been using this for almost a week and a half and she has seen a nice decline in her pimples. Her hair texture is nice and smooth as well. We hope to see continued results and try new flavors on our next order. We got the body wash and blueberry pomegranate S&C which is a light scent.

hair definitely looks healthier

my daughter has only been using these products a week, so I can't say whether it's helping her acne, but it definitely is making her hair look healthier and more full. She's excited to keep using it and to see the benefits.

Finally something that works!

My daughter has oily hair and skin. Teenology mint shampoo and conditioner really work. We saw results in two days.

It’s ok

Haven’t notice much of a difference with my son yet.

Like it

It was good it works well for what I use it for overall I like this product

Vanilla Almond Conditioner
Leslie Beyersdorf
It works

Bought for my 12 year old daughter who is battling acne. It really has cleaned up her acne. And I love that it doesn’t have a bunch of synthetic crap in it.

Works great

My teenager actually wanted me to order this product again. It seems to have lessened their breakouts. Only wish the product had a pump style bottle because it can be hard to get the product out of the bottle.

Clean skin and smells nice

My daughter loved it and the scent!

Hair products

My daughter loves them and she also loves the smell of all 3 products.. I can honestly say since she got them her hair and skin look great! Thank you.

Shampoo and body wash

Only tried a few times. Hard to review just yet. Overall, okay. Smell is not strong, wish I don't like. Wish it smelt a little better, more fragrant or cleaner smell.

Clear skin

It was great! Noticing skin clearing already

Pumps for bottles

You should provide pumps for shampoo and conditioner bottles would make product complete.

Black Friday Sale

I was really happy to receive a 20% off on Black Friday. This helped me purchase a supply of my favorite shampoo for a couple months in advance!