Top Hair Care Tips for Teenagers & Young Adults

young teenage girl using a straightener to style her hair

For many tweens, teens, and young adults, looking and feeling their best is high up on their priority list! 

Whether it's wearing the trendiest clothing, keeping their skin clear, or taking care of their appearance through good hygiene and hair care practices, ensuring they feel confident and self-assured is crucial to their overall wellbeing. 

I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenager in middle school and high school, my long blonde hair was a big part of my identity!

Forget about the popular fashion styles or modern makeup trends – if my hair didn’t look good, I didn’t feel very good either. 

Personally, I feel this is true for many tweens, teens, and young adults, especially with the everyday use of social media!

This is why it’s important to implement good hair care practices and techniques at an early age to ensure hair strands are healthy, strong, and gloriously glossy. 

Top Hair Care Tips for Teenagers and Young Adults 

Regular Trims and Hair Cuts 

teenage girl getting a haircut, following one of TEENOLOGY's top hair care tips of getting regular trims and haircuts for healthy hair

Regular trims and hair cuts are important for optimal hair health. This clears away damaged ends, such as split ends, and revitalizes the look of your hair and scalp, as it gives new, fresh, healthier hair a chance to grow! 

Avoid Extremely Hot Water 

I know, I know – this is one of the top hair care tips for teenagers and young adults that many loathe! I mean, who doesn’t love jumping into a steamy hot shower after a long day to ease the muscles and relax the mind? Especially after spending time outside during the winter season! 

However, while you might enjoy feeling the almost-painful burn of extremely hot water in the shower, it’s incredibly harmful to your hair and scalp! 

Incredibly hot water sucks out all the moisture in the hair and on the scalp, which can result in dull, brittle hair strands and a dry, irritated scalp.

This doesn’t mean you need to shower in cold water but, instead, simply avoid extremely hot water by showering in lukewarm or moderately hot water.

Limit the Use of Styling Tools and Treatments 

teenager styling her hair with a straightener, with the overlay text stating, "limit the use of styling tools and treatments."

For many, using styling tools – like straighteners, blow dryers, or curlers – is a part of their daily routine. However, repeated use of these items means constantly bombarding your hair with harmful direct heat, which inevitably dries the strands out and causes split ends. 

One of our top hair care tips for teens, tweens, and young adults is to limit the use of these styling products because if you use them too often, you’ll end up paying the price in brittle, damaged hair that looks dull and dingy! 

On that same note, chemical treatments, such as hair dying and perms, can not only damage the hair you already have but also impact the health of the hair you’re growing! 

Think about it this way: your hair may grow out, but the quality of the new growth depends on how well you’re treating what’s already there.

Harsh chemical treatments – especially when done by someone who is not a cosmetologist or hair care professional – damage the scalp and impact how healthy new hair growth is. 

For instance, coloring your hair blonde with a DIY box dye can result in slower or less growth, as this treatment is harsh chemical bleaching. What does that mean for you? Thinner hair or simply no hair growth at all! Sounds pretty grim, right? 

Instead, simply embrace your natural hair color or visit a hair specialist who’s experienced in using coloring products and protecting the hair! 

Eat a Nutrient-Dense Diet 

What you put inside your body directly influences how you look on the outside! This is true for both hair care and skin care, as your diet (and lifestyle) can affect everything from the strength of your hair strands to the frequency of acne breakouts

This is a lesser-known teen hair care tip, but it can be one of the easiest and most effective! 

Next time you’re making a meal, simply add more fruits, veggies, and healthy fats to the dish. And when you’re out and about, instead of snacking on a bag of chips, why not opt for a handful of nuts? These are packed with essential fatty acids that are incredibly beneficial to both the hair and skin! 

Use Conscious Hair Products 

two TEENOLOGY shampoo bottles; conscious hair care products for healthy teenager hair.

Did you know many well-known hair care brands lining the shelves actually contain icky ingredients that can harm your hair and skin, rather than help them? 

For example, hundreds of shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates, which strip the hair, scalp, and skin of natural oils that are necessary for moisture and hydration.

Furthermore, many hair care products contain certain oils that not only clog pores, but can weigh the hair down and result in greasy-looking, oily hair! 

Instead, opt for conscious hair products that are specifically created for tweens, teens, and young adults! (This is one of my favorite hair care tips for soft, healthy strands that look amazing!) 

TEENOLOGY is a popular hair care brand that leaves out all the harmful sulfates, icky parabens, and unnecessary pore-clogging oils that negatively impact your hair and skin.

I’m a big fan of their Vanilla Almond Shampoo and Sweet Mint Conditioner, as well as their Tropical Orange Body Wash

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that how you take care of your hair now is inevitably going to affect the hair you have in the future! Which is why it’s crucial to implement these top hair care tips for soft, smooth, and luscious locks that look and feel great. 

Here’s to healthy hair and happy skin!